Tonsillectomy: Outpatient versus inpatient?

What are the options for a tonsillectomy when it comes to outpatient versus inpatient?
Answers:    Most tonsillectomies are done as a day patient procedure, and you solitary stay overnight if there is a problem or potential for complications. Where I work, patients having a tonsillectomy usually check in something like 6am and get prepped. They are usually in surgery between 8 and 11am. They spend about an hour or so surrounded by recovery, and are back in their room by lunch, or shortly afterwards. Most are on their foot doing fine by then, mid-afternoon at the latest, and glad to go home to their own bed. You are going to feel miserable no matter where you are for the first few days, and there's really zilch special a hospital can provide for you that you won't have at home. You will have the same medication for pain, and you will be on a mostly liquid diet, no matter if you are at home or surrounded by a hospital bed. Unless you have a pre-existing medical condition that makes you a greater risk for post-op complications, like a bleeding disorder, you really are better stale at home. Years ago, folks had their tonsils removed at home, usually on the dining room table- and they did just fine. Not that I'm suggesting that is how we should do it immediately by any means, but for recovery it just make better sense. You will be a slightly higher risk for catching infections afterwards, and the hospital is full of really sick people and some funky germs. Aside from the operative wound, you go within a basically healthy person. The hospital is not a flawless place for a basically healthy person to suspend out any longer than they absolutely have to. The longer you stay in in attendance, the more likely you are to pick up something you don't want. So if a day surgery is an option, you should hold it. People are always less miserable at home, in their own jammies and bed, next to folks who love them, than they are in a strange bed surrounded by people they don't know. Source(s): nurse

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usually its done on an outpatient basis (meaning you carry there in the morning, have the surgery, and move in the afternoon)
the only reasons you would own inpatient surgery is if you went to the ER and they couldn't do the surgery until the following day, the hospital you're going to gives you the prospect of staying the night to recover, or if there is a complication after surgery that they want to save you to monitor.

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I work in the emergency room, we see a few people that have have out patient tonsillectomy come in for bleeding afterwards.
Do not ever do this outpatient on Friday, as your Dr will not be in the department the next days.
We did have an 7 year old girl die after her surgery be done the day before. That is the only one I own seen in 14 years in the ER.

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