Vaginal Issues?

I have a huge blood clot right below my vagial lip nouns?? Is this normal?

Answer:    Are you sure its a blood clot? Is it on your skin or under it? Either approach, no, its not normal. Goo see you GYN..
No. Not normal. My friend a short time ago got this type of thing, and unless you enjoy an injury or an STD, it could be a rare condition called lichen schlerosis, not uncertain or an STD. But go get checked out. I wouldn't verbs though before you get see... No. It's like an STD. You may go to online doctor on the std social site call pozcupid .com and send a picture of your vagial lip for check. I have sent some of my pictures of my penis to their counselors. They told me I be misdiagnosed..
This could be a 'genital ulcer' which is indicative of an STD. Yes you need to see a dr. no its not normal..move about to the dr...
no ma'am its not normal NO.
No it's not. You need to seize to a ob/gyn asap.

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