What are ten interesting facts about Alzheimer's.?

I need to know for college.
Percentages, facts, statistics. Anything you've got.

Answer:    This question requires alot of info and detailed info. So, I found a website to be exact very informative and provides illustrations. To the not here side of the site, there are various areas of interest that you can click onto. Trust me, it's a great site to check out.
these are some...

1.The reality that more and more nations around the globe are entering the age of industrialization have taken its toll on the population of senior citizens. Suddenly those who would live in small villages around the world and be taken supervision of by a loving son or daughter are left to their own devices as their grown children are packing up and moving to the big cities to compete there for work and fortune. This have added a new strain on the social services of many countries. Consider for example that within China alone, the United States Census Bureau has estimated a number as high as 19 million to be diagnosed beside this disease, while many others have not be diagnosed at all!

2.If we may believe a survey done in 1992 by the Gallup race, one out of every ten Americans surveyed stated that she or he knew of a family accomplice who suffered from the illness either at the current time, or at a time surrounded by the past.

3.As early as 1989, a group by the autograph of JAMA advised that quite possibly more than 50 percent of American citizens who hold reached their 85th year of life are artificial by Alzheimer's disease.

We've all had times when we can't remember where on earth we put our keys or when an appointment was supposed to be. These occasional memory lapse are a normal part of one human. So when should you worry about signs of Alzheimer's Disease? A simple example is: If you forgot where on earth you put your glasses there is no great lead to for concern ... but if you've forgotten you wear glasses you have significant cause to worry about your memory problem.

A more extensive index of Alzheimer's Symptoms is as follows: a chronic, progressively worsening problem accompanied by disorientation, problems with judgement, concentration, dialect and mathematical skills, physical coordination, and sleeplessness, the repetition of the same planning or movements, the tendency to wander stale and get lost, "sunsetting" or restlessness and wandering off contained by the late afternoon and night, dramatic identity changes, and eventually the loss of the ability to get something done basic self-care functions.

Alzheimer's disease is a type of dementia that already affects millions of Americans and that is expected to affect millions more as the number of relations over 50 continues to increase. fourth leading cause of loss among the elderly in developed nations
After heart disease, cancer, and stroke, Alzheimer's is the fourth overriding cause of death among the elderly within developed nations. Alzheimer's is most common surrounded by people over the age of 65 and affects 11% of those over 65 and 25-50% of those over the age of 85. Although this disease is one of the most common types of dementia among the elderly, it is difficult to diagnose since Alzheimer's-like symptoms are adjectives to many other diseases (AIDS, brain cancer, Parkinson's disease, deficiencies of vitamin E, magnesium, and B vitamins, etc.). Generally, a diagnosis of Alzheimer's disease is single 85 to 90% accurate, since the only definite diagnoses comes from an after-death biopsy of the diseased brain.

Those most at risk for Alzheimer's are the elderly. With advance age, their risk of developing the disease increases to an alarming 47% by the age of 85. Family history also plays a role with 54% of those age 80 and over developing Alzheimer's if both parents had the disease. Alzheimer's Disease have increased 10-fold in this century and is sometimes referred to as "the disease of the 20th century," and it is projected to reach epidemic proportions.

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