What causes this symptom?

What causes your body or whatever's surrounded by ur body; to smell like poop or somethng that died?
U have regular stool movements and apt hygfiene

Answer:    Eat yogurt every day. You have a build up of microbes in your body. My husband has doomed to failure breath all of the time, he brushes his teeth & goes to the dentist but it's not his teeth,it's adjectives of the bacteria in his gut.
When he poops it darn in close proximity makes me want to move out for an hour until the smell clears..
Bacteria that breaks down your food that you eat. It is if truth be told the gases and waste of the microbes. Need to smell better, eat better Sometimes if you take any genus of medicine it come through your pores or your dump waste..I thieve alot of meds an when I go to Pee sometimes it makes me want to stop... Also a diabetic type 2. 8 med's a daytime now 2 were cut the other hours of daylight..!!.
it could be a reaction to the food you are eating, hold on to a journal for 30 days and note when its a stronger odor, thats how i found that when i munch through white onions i reek of them. when food breaks down in ur intestines and then it go through this weird stage wheres it molds together with approaching gases and that forms a bad smell!.
Body odor

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