What could be wrong with me (MRI showed no abnormalities)?

for the past 2 months I've have almost constant sometimes extreme fatigue, occasional nausea, dizzyness, and terrible light headedness. I've be to 4 doctors who told me I was fine, I even had an MRI done to see if I have any brain tumors and nothing... I feel constantly fatigued and sick, I seriously perceive like I have completely little time to live :(

my symptoms are:

*horrible light headedness
*occasional nausea
*occasional headache
*chronic fatigue
*occasional tongue trouble (slurring of words, stiff tongue)
*occasional hand vulnerability along with tingling (not being competent to make a fist or write)
*a constant drunk/intoxicated feeling
*loss of sexual interest
*occasional dizziness
*occasional errors contained by judgment
*ghosting of vision (not true double vision)
*light sensitivity, cold sensitivity, grill sensitivity, sound sensitivity
*slight swelling beneath nose
*an occasional restless feeling all (over the body) in need fever
*occasional muscle fatigue
*occasional neck dull pain (like heat pressure in my neck)
*occasional heart arrhythmia
*occasional momentary extreme anxiousness
*eye floaters and occasional eye backache
*occasional small tiny dark spots in figment of the imagination
*waking up tired, waking up with poor delusion
*slight numbness here and there
*a clicking sound within my head when walking

After my MRI, I was told my brain be in perfect shape and that I have nothing to worry around are my constant sinus problems and a polyp in my nose. I do come clean I have sinus problems, but I can’t believe they could be the only do of this terrible suffering. I don’t know how long I will live, I mean given that my MRI be normal, what could this be??? I mean I hold dreams for the future, I’m only 20, I don’t want to DIE!

Answer:    wow that's closely of things! Perhaps check to see if you may have "Fibromyalgia"..
I'm not sure if this covers all or most of your symptoms, but you might want to procure checked for a B12 deficiency. maybe you want to see a urologist and get checked for MS.
Seek god and his kindgom. I've had serious hysterics attacks and a serious fear of dying myslef. Self fulfilling prophecy, i've read a few books went to church hundreds of time and beside a little time and support got through it adjectives. I know, its hard to understand that adjectives those real life symptoms are not TRUE but its amazing when you first get that idea that you are sick and gonna die out of your leader when you are in the mist of feeling them. Trust me, a flawless stranger. God heals all!

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