What do i do i have a pink eye.?

i have pink eye for the later couple of days please write what it is and is it contagious and all the stuff i need to know

Answer:    It depends. It could also be an allergy. Both conditions can motive itchy red eyes.

An eye doctor once told me that pink eye is simply a cold in your eye, usually a virus, but sometimes it can be caused by germs.

First of all, ask yourself, does your eye have any signs of infection, such as drainage bar tearing and do you wake up next to a crust on your eyelashes? Sometimes the crust will seal your lashes shut. If the answer is yes, then it could be non-allergenic pinkeye and yes, approaching any other cold, it is contagious. It is spread by contact.

Here is a good website from webmd to check out for the symptoms.

I hope you feel better soon. Best Wishes..
This is severely contagious if you touch your eye and touch anyone else. You should see a doctor as soon as possible. The treatment is fairly cheap and easy, usually simply eye drops. It might not go away all on its own, and you could bring to a close up with permanent eye defile. Until you can get to your doctor, use some eye drops to keep the nouns clean and flushed out. That should also help to dull redness and soreness. Good luck, hope you get better soon! a short time ago go to this site:
it has everything from an intro, to cause, to ways you can treat/prevent them!

haha good luck.

Pink eye is very contagious you HAVE to run to the doctor to get a prescription some eye drops to get it to walk away. yes it is contagious, if u rub ur eye then touch something nd someone else touches it nd then rubs in that eye they'll get pink eye too, jst wash ur hand alot, nd u need to get some eye drops..
catch special eye drops from your doctor

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