What does it miserable when someone "vagaled out"?

All I know is that it has something to do beside the vagus nerve (I think). All you healthcare professionals who'd be liable to help a nursing student please do comment next to rationales. I really appreciate it, appreciation.
It happens when the vagus nerves get stimulated causing a drop within blood pressure that may lead to faint. I remember for work and school. The effrontery innervateas the areas of the neck, GI tract, and chest. For example, i have a patient surrounded by the hospital who was on the toilet and be a bit to forceful (LOL). It stimulated activity within his vagus nerve (innervating GI tract). That stimulation slows the heart down decreasing the pulse pressure and prevailing to fainting. that's the common idea short specific detail. in this casing the fainiting is called "vasovagal syncope". you can look it up further lower than that.
Some times when the vagal nurve is stimulated the person's blood pressure drops and they can stop breating.

New borns if their mouths are too vigoursly suctioned can do that.

You can also do that with a nouns attack or if you see something bad. Just endorse out.
Huh? do you mean Vague out? If so it's the state when you switch stale from all stimuli lost contained by your own thoughts.
"The doctor said, "he fainted due to a stopgap decrease within heart rate." Sounds like he vagaled out. His heart rate slowed and he passed out. The same entity happens to ancient men sitting on the toilet while they're straining to do their business. Why choking would cause a vagal is beyond my explanation. But I submit that choking on a pretzel is more dignified than hitting your cranium on the bathroom sink."

Thats all I could find :D
vasovagel hypersensitivity...look it up

The vagus nerve provides parasympathetic enervation of the heart. Activation of the vagus backbone typically leads to a exhaustion in heart rate, blood pressure, or both. This can inflict vasovagal syncope (fainting) when stimulation such as pain (as surrounded by having blood drawn) or stimulating stress results in excessive activation of the vagal self-confidence. "Vagaling out" is fainting due to over-activation of the vagal courage from various cause.
Vagal manueuvers slow the heart and decrease the force of atrial contraction by stimulating the vagus resolve. When someone has "vagaled out", it money that the vagus nerve have been stimulated and the heart have become bradycardic. It is one of the complications that can happen next to intubation and suction.

Vagal maneuvers are used to interupt and end bursting supraventricular tachycardia. Tach is considered supraventricular when the rate exceeds 150 bpm in an mature pt.

When someone has vagaled out, capture atropine and airway supplies ready.

The best ways to stimulate the vagus backbone are:
1. Have the pt. sit down, take a open breath and bear down as if they are have a bowel movement. Forced expiration against a closed glottis put pressure on the vagus nerve.
2. Placing rime packs on the pt's. anterior nouns may stimulate the mammilian diving reflex.
3. THIS ONE CAN BE DANGEROUS! Applying direct pressure to the carotid arteries will make the body come up with there have been a rise surrounded by blood pressure. This activates the autonomic tentative system and stimulates the vagus nerve. This is a second resort because it may cause the release of an emboli, stroke, asystole or increased point of AV block. I personally would not use this one unless the pt's heart be about to bounce out of their chest.

Hope this help with vagaling out and vagal maneuvers. Now you know why you're so relaxed after going to the bathroom. :-)

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