What happens if you don't sleep?

I know if you don't sleep for 24hrs you feel tired, drowsy etc. But what I want to know is if you don't sleep for 3-7 dark continues,
What would happen?
Can this be fatal?

Answer:    I can recount you from experience.

Day 1 without sleep: Extreme fatigue, poor coordination, and low focus.

Day 2: Fatigue Worsens, focus is almost nonexistant. Frequent hunger. Hot and cold flashes add to the misery.

Day 3: Fatigue is replaced by a faint-hearted, almost manic energy. You feel that you can focus, but contained by reality cannot. Hunger worsens.

Day 4: Fatigue returns. Your body will feel close to it is breaking down. I am no stranger to severe injury, but can honestly say, this is the closest I have ever feel to death. You can actually grain your body dying. That may not be the case, but I have no other word to describe the emotion. Most of your time spent in a disassociative fugue. Even without sleeping, you will instigate to lose track of large segments of time.

Day 5: This is when the hallucination start. large blocks of time gone missing, you'll go through entire classes at academy, then look up, and realize you are in your room, and the classes never happen. Talk to people, freinds and family for hours, receive plans, then look up, and its 10 minutes later surrounded by your room. I hear scratching on the walls, but no matter how brisk I turn my head, the scratching will other be 90 degrees off center, a moment ago out of my sight. I hear gentle, and sometimes not so meek knocking at my door, to open it and find not a soul there. Tapping at the window when you are not looking at it.

Day 5.5) in the region of 12 hours into Day 5, the visual hallucinations originate. You will look at something, and small shadows will suddenly dart out of your peripheral vision. If you try to visually follow them, you can't, they're gone, but more will dart the other agency out of the corner of the opposite eye. Sometimes, the room will suddenly darken, or slide out of focus. (Interestingly, the shadows running in the corners of your eyes do not).

Day 6: Things start to take really weird, but I'd rather not discuss it.

Sleep deprivation can be deadly, but it usually takes more than one week. I have hear estimates from 10 days to 3 months. Studies have proven that it can kill though. I do not recommend trying it, as any sleep loss is severely bad for your health. This is what I experienced, hope it help..
Yes, It is fatal.

If you go lacking sleep for a long period of time like 1-2 weeks you will stir, quite literally, insane.

Also, if you do not sleep for this long it attributes to insomnia later contained by life (unless you do have insomnia and you're not doing this on purpose).

Eventually you would die of extreme nouns..
The sleep deprived person may start to experience apathy, slowed speech and flattened emotional responses, impair memory and an inability to be novel or multitask. As a person get to the point of falling asleep, he or she will fall into micro sleeps(5-10 seconds) that cause lapse in attention, nod off while doing an stir like driving or reading and then finally experience hypnagogic hallucination, the beginning of REM sleep you become what they call manic. you hallucinate and become incoherent and dilerious. hyper-exhausted. severely unhealthy for your mind. been near done that. after 5 days, i was so miserable. could not see straight, think straight, or behave contained by ant way near usual. in a world of your very own and not a biddable one, either..
i have insomia and if you stay up to long you can start to halusinate and fantasize that are not there its not healthy at adjectives .so i would go to the doctor and get some compassionate of sleeping meds and take them ever other day so you dont get hold of dependent on them If you dont sleep for to long a time,then your body cant purge the fatige toxin.They will build up and it will become fatal.I recomend sleeping pills..
your body will shut down, because you want that sleep to rest your body and brain.

you can still function but not 100% ..
ur body will eventually shut down.
ull be dizzy and drozzy and start hallucinating.
and after 10 days, ur body will completly shut down..
you need to lay off the meth later you'll be able to sleep don;t know !when you get to 7 days in need sleep let us all know !!

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