What is a good decongestant that wont keep me awake?

It's past midnite here and I want to know how to go to sleep without a stuffy antenna. I don't want a medicine that will cause sleeplessness, and I would certainly prefer one that causes drowsiness.

Answer:    Have you tried Claratin or Zyrtec? It's sold OTC now and usually doesn't lead to drowsiness or make you sleepy. Here's a wesbite that might help you.


Good Luck!!.
try a antihistamine instead. bring decongestants will keep you awake all hours of darkness cause decongestants have alot of stimulints within this Drixine is amazing.
Lodrane 12 or 24
I take this and it will knock you out in smaller amount than and hour.

Benadryl -works wonders too

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