What is basal pneumonitis?

i took my x-ray not long and the result say that i hold basal pnemonitis within my right lung but i don't know what it routine..
my mother is worried roughly my condition.
Basal refers to a singular segment of the lung. Pneumonitis is a broad permanent status for inflammation of lung tissue.

Chronic inflammation of lung tissue can organize to irreversible scarring (pulmonary fibrosis). Pneumonitis isn't a specific disease but a sign of an underlying problem. All pneumonias show pneumonitis lower than the microscope, but not adjectives pneumonitis is pneumonia. Other cause include:

Inhalation of foreign concern, usually of stomach contents when vomiting (aspiration pneumonitis)
Exposure to an inhaled allergen (hypersensitivity pneumonitis)
Adverse impulse to a drug or toxic chemical (drug- or chemical-induced pneumonitis)
Radiation treatment to the lung for cancer
Sepsis — a body's inflammatory response to infection
Signs and symptoms depend on the severity and underlying motive, if prearranged, and may include:

Shortness of breath
Burning sensation surrounded by chest
A doctor may diagnose pneumonitis base on:

History of the sickness
Physical nouns
Chest X-ray or computerized tomography (CT) scan
Blood test
Pulmonary function test
Lung biopsy
Culture of lung secretion — organisms are grown from a taste of infected secretion
Treatment depends on the underlying grounds and may include medication such as:

It is necessarily mild pneumonia of the lower segment of the lungs. It can be cause by presence of foreign particle resembling food particle, nasal droppings accidentally inhaled, fatty atmosphere, prolonged in-activity.

You influence you took your X-ray , why you took it? What be your physical condition that prompted you to do it?

You enjoy unstipulated what medicine your doctor have recommended. Generally a course of antibody drugs can be the remedy.

Best entry is pilfer your worrying mom beside you to the doctor and tolerate the doctor explain to her what is it and how it can be cured. I hope your mom will be content and you will recuperate soon.

Drop me a strip when you rest.

Just a after thought-- do you sleep or stay within bed for prolonged hours surrounded by one posture? if yes than please transmute this habbit, try to sleep adjectives over the bed.

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