What is the best home remedy for anxiety and depression?

I can't afford a doctor. I'm having physical pains which i believe are triggered by my depression. And what are the home remedies for scoliosis?

Answer:    I know about your finance woes. Unfortunately, near are no home remedys (that I know of) for scoliosis. Your bones are growing curved.

It sounds like you're done growing. (Am I wrong?)

If I were to suggest things for affliction relief, I'd go next to swimming or PT/exercises to strengthen your core muscles, stretches to help any tight muscles, heating wipe that is large ample for the affected area, or seeing a misery management specialist.

If your back is really hurting, the solution is usually niggle management or surgery. I'm not familiar next to free clinics, but that may be the way to go.

As for your depression, if your posterior is less painful, your depression may jump away on its own. Otherwise, I don't have any experience to recommend anything besides seeing a clinic.

Take care..








...Good Luck! :o).
Saint Johns wort is a herbal remedy thats really cheap and is very good for depression.

There are highly few home remedies for scoliosis, but my friend has it and when she has a fruitless back/neck she used a heat mat..
please go and see a kith and kin planning clinic search google for one in your nouns or contact www.beyondblue.com.au you will not be charged you need medical attention, please dont try any other thing.. desire medical attention

family planning clinic will give you the right suggestion.
See if you can find a free or low cost clinic. Sounds like you need a checkup. Do you hold scoliosis or ankylosing spondylitis, they are different. Try getting exercise by walking it's low impact

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