What is the correct medical occupancy for have a"dirty lung"?

My uncle was diagnosed next to something the Dr. referred to as dirty lung and he could not rem the correct medical term.said it be very sporadic condition and he is scheduledd for having his lungs wash out?How safe is this?

Hi. I enjoy a little daughter near an interstitial lung disease, so I tend to do a lot of reading almost the lungs. I've never heard of "dirty lung," but I own read about adjectives lung lavage being perform for treatment of pulmonary alveolar proteinosis. It might be something similar to that. I'm putting a link below to a brief description of PAP and a short description of how the lavage is done. Good luck to you and your uncle.

I've hear that dirty lungs is the doctors way of truism that there is something suspicious on your lung X-rays. A lung bathe is used to obtain sample of suspicious cells. This procedure is perform by flushing a small amount of sterile saline solution through the bronchoscope and into the airways.
There is no such diagnosis or treatment. Is he a miner or something with silico-anthracosis?
it's more properly particular as a NLTWB (Naughty Lung That Won't Take a Bath.)

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