What part of the brain is damaged during a stroke in the back of the head?

Answer:    A stroke in the right half of the brain can lead to:

Problems judging distances - The stroke survivor may misjudge distances and fall or be incompetent to guide her hands to pick something up.
Impaired judgment and behavior - The stroke survivor may try to do things that she should not do, such as driving a motor.
Short-term memory loss - The stroke survivor may be able to remember events from 30 years ago, but not what she ate for breakfast that morning.

A stroke in the departed half of the brain can cause:

Speech and oral communication problems - The stroke survivor may have trouble speaking or understanding others.
Slow and wary behavior - The stroke survivor may need a lot of help out to complete tasks.
Memory problems - The stroke survivor may not remember what she did ten minutes ago or she may have a concrete time learning new things
A stroke within the cerebellum, or the part of the brain that controls balance and coordination, can exact:

Abnormal reflexes of the head and upper body
Balance problems
Dizziness, nausea (feeling sick to your stomach), and vomiting

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