What vaccinations may help with septicemia?

I've heard that septicemia is the 10th central cause of death surrounded by the U.S. I know that they don't have a specific vaccination for septicemia, because it's a blood infection, but what types of vaccines may give a hand prevent it? Like I heard that every year the Neisseria meningitidis (can be vaccinated near the meningcococcus immunization) will kill 1 out of every 3 victims who get sepsis from it. I be curious, which types of germs that we have vaccinations for can mete out sepsis or septicemia?

I don't want to die prematurely.

Answer:    Almost any invading organism can cause sepsis (virus, bacterial, fungus and other)--it mainly technique the organism has overtaken your immune system completely and has cause whole body collapse through a complex cascade call SIRS--the systemic inflammatory response cascade. Neisseria meningitis did cause a fundamentally bad illness that have responded to immunization. But there are so abundant organisms that do not have vaccines available. The best you can do is get the regular vaccination & try & lead a healthty lifestyle with honourable hygiene (hand washing #1). Now sepsis is not that common, it is freshly very virulent--but most people enjoy other factors that make it so--like elder age, multiple trauma, immune disorders like AIDS, other life-threatening illness etc..
Life is a bequest. Enjoy it and be happy. Preoccupation with passing is not healthy. It is good that you are researching this, but control yourself in the hours of research, otherwise, you might drive yourself crazy with the abiding possibilities of impending doom. Fear is draining. Focus on overall health, immune system, wholesome nutrition, and well-being. These are your best defenses against illness. Vaccines contain oodles toxins and are not always effective. More is not better. In reality, more appears to be causing all kind of problems in our school-aged children within a continually expanding inoculation schedule. Remember this and do plenty of research before you hold children of your own. Septicemia occurs when a bacterial infection goes from localized (like contained by a wound) to becoming systemic. Your general immunizations are fine, but to avoid septicemia, your best bet is to acquire treated for an infection before it becomes a huge problem.

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