When it is cold my hands, arms, feet and legs become somewhat purple and you can see my veins... like a dead?

color looking, i have see other people that have alike problem, what is that?
does anybody else have the same problem?

Answer:    i hold that problem too, it just means ur cold. i try to suntan, it helps alot.
The medical name for this is Livedo Reticularis I enjoy this and because of an underlying condition, with me it has become irrevocable. Lots of people have this and usually nearby in no great concern. It can have cause though. Here is a link .
http://www.mayoclinic.com/health/livedo-... ew. i totally have that. within gym under the bright lights it looks disgusting. i have somewhat tan right now and it still happen though. i think it's just from have thin skin..
it just get that way because it's cold. yeah if you're tan that doesn't surface. the same thing happen to me when it's really cold out.

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