When you smack a mosquito and it have blood surrounded by it, can you bring a disease from that blood?

The disease resembling HIV cannot bring back surrounded by that means of access because the mosquito does not pass such a disease to human.Most of the infection bring by mosquitoes are come to pass due to their bites.So,across the world,the answer is no.
If it get into a body first night (cut, mouth, etc)...mosquitos are disgraceful for spreading disease (malaria, sleeping sickness, etc.).
Smashing is better than letting it "bite" you though.
As long as you don't munch through it or carry it inside your body and construct sure you rinse yourself too.
If the mosquito is infected and you enjoy any depart wounds around the bug later it is possible because you will enjoy cross contamination. But you can bring the disease from the mosquito biting you as resourcefully.
nope unless you enjoy an spread out wound..

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