Which is better sex near a condom or minus?




Editor of Rubber Chemistry and Technology, Dr. C. Michael Roland of the U.S. Naval Research Laboratory contained by Washington D.C., spoke roughly speaking his research on "intrinsic flaws" within latex rubber condoms and surgical gloves (published surrounded by Rubber World, June, 1993).

Roland said that what I am give or take a few to relate is "adjectives education among well-mannered scientists who own no political agenda."

Electron microscopy reveals the HIV virus to be around O.1 microns within size (a micron is a millionth of a metre). It is 60 times smaller than a syphilis bacterium, and 450 times smaller than a single human sperm.

The standard U.S. elected representatives leaching theory test (ASTM) will detect marine leak through holes individual as small as 10 to 12 microns (most condoms sold within Canada are made contained by the U.S.A., but I'll mention the Canadian experiment below). Roland say contained by angelic test base on these standards, 33% of adjectives condoms tested allowed HIV-sized particle through, and that "spermicidal agents such as nonoxonol-9 may if truth be told make less burdensome the lane."

Roland's rag shows electron microscopy photos of untaught latex. You can see the unconscious holes, or intrinsic flaws. The "inherent defect contained by inbred rubber breadth between 5 and 70 microns."

And it's not as if government don't know. A study by Dr. R.F. Carey of the U.S. Centers for Disease Control reports that "ooze of HIV-sized particle through latex condoms be detectable for as various as 29 of 89 condoms tested." These be brand clean, pre-approved condoms. But Roland
say a closer reading of Carey's notes in truth yield a 78% HIV-leakage rate, and concludes: "That the CDC would promote condoms base on [this] study...suggests its agenda is concerned next to something save for public strength and welfare." The federal government's standard test, he add,
"cannot detect flaws even 70 times larger than the AIDS virus." Such test are "blind to ooze volumes smaller number tha one microliter - on the other hand this number of fluid from an AIDS-infected individual have be found to contain as copious as 100,000 HIV particle."

As one U.S. surgeon memorably put it, "The HIV virus can progress through a condom resembling a bullet through a tennis web."

It's duplicate story near latex gloves. Gloves from four different
manufacturer revealed "pits as full-size as 15 microns broad and 30 microns insightful." More relevant to HIV nouns, "5 micron-wide channel, sharp the entire solidity be found within adjectives the gloves." He said the presence of such defect within latex "is in good health established."

For Canada, the story is one and the same. A standard Health and Welfare Canada exam of condoms manufactured between 1987 and 1990, base on stringent test of pressure, leaching, and volume (as within the U.S., nearby is no crack to examine micron-level leakage), reported that an astonishing 40% of the
condoms tested bungled at smallest one of the test. Tests surrounded by 1991 showed an "improved" 28% rate.


The few statistics illustrate the effect of condoms use on HIV nouns contained by homosexual act do not contribute clear cut results.
R.Detels (1989)lxxxix observed a 2.9% drop contained by seroconversion when condoms be used surrounded by homosexual intercourse, surrounded by a cohort of 2915 influential homosexuals initally HIV sero-negative.

But, contained by that statistic, the number of partner for respectively associate of the cohort be almost as high-status a factor as the use or not of a condom.

L.Levin et al. (1995)xc found that most (71%) of the 140 active-duty infantile men near documented sero-conversion who be identified contained by varied US army installations did use a condom during their homosexual or heterosexual relations.

Results seem to indicate a paradoxal increased risk of seroconversion proportional to condom use contained by this series.


May 29, 2004

Potent Carcinogen found surrounded by Most Condoms

Recent study have discovered the presence of a greatly potent carcinogen surrounded by most condoms. Small amounts of this chemical are released whenever condoms are used.

Nobody know whether this is serious however however it is not expected to be thriving to expose the reproductive organs to cancer-causing substances on a regular reason.

This is a potentially serious issue for much of the world's population that cannot afford or access other forms of birth control. I hope further studies will follow on this soon. Could this be related to the rise contained by cancer within women, and men as economically?
May 29, 2004 contained by Medicine | Permalink



Anal cancer is at least possible 20 times more adjectives contained by homosexual men than contained by heterosexual men.

"Is Screening for Anal Cancer Warranted surrounded by Homosexual Men?"
Sexual Health (09.04) Vol. 1; No. 3: P. 137-140::Jonathan StC. Anderson; Claire Vajdic; Andrew E. Grulich


Condom Talc trouble is thoroughly serious



Talc is a enormously fine substance, so fine it can be used as a "dry" lubricant.

Talc is a chemical similar to asbestos, a agreed cancer cause substance. Talc is found contained by tons "babe-in-arms and body" powders, feminine powders and oodles cosmetics. It's alsp used as a lubricant on condoms! While it make your skin "feel" slippery smooth, talc does so much more.

How does talc save babies and your private parts so "fresh"? Presumably by clogging the pores that bury those essential fluids. Also, those fine little particle get by to catch into the system. And mortal similar to asbestos is not comforting, especially when used on babies and genital areas.

Talc's injurious effect on human tissues have be particular for pretty some time. Long ago, its dry lubricating properties be used as a glove-donning powder (easy to slide on) for surgical gloves. As hasty as the 1930's, talc be connected to post-operative granulomatous peritonitis and fibrous adhesion.
-from Candace Sue Kasper, MD and Dr. P. J. Chandler

Talc...(on condoms)...may result within fallopian tube fibrosis beside resultant infertility. Question raise by Doctors Kasper and Chandler surrounded by Journal of the American Medical Association. (JAMA) 3/15/95
-from Nutrition Health Review, Summer 1995 n73p8(1)

"A possible tie between talcum powder and ovarian cancer, long suspected because of talc's chemical similarity to asbestos, be strongly supported end week when a study found a complex risk of the cancer among women who used feminine deodorant sprays. The study, published surrounded by the American Journal of Epidemiology, found that women who used talcum powder contained by the genital nouns have an increased ovarian cancer risk of 60% and women who used feminine deodorant sprays have a 90% increased risk." In 1994, the FDA conducted a medical workshop on the issue and did not find ample of a indifferent connection to assert even a consumer restraining.
-from The University of California, Berkeley Wellness Letter, April 1993 v9n7p1(2)




Delayed contact dermatitis from chemicals surrounded by rubber have be reputable since the 1930s.4 But except for exceptional hasty reports, clinicians did not appreciate systemic allergic reaction to latex proteins until 1979, when skin reports begin to appear contained by Europe. 5

Latex allergy erupted within the United States shortly after the Centers for Disease Control introduced wide-reaching precautions contained by 1987. By belatedly 1992, the Food and Drug Administration (FDA) received 1133 reports of serious allergic reaction and anaphylaxis occurring to patients and robustness vigilance staff associated next to 30 classes of latex medical devices. There be 15 tolerant death associated beside latex barium enema catheters.5,6

The FDA estimated that the reports represented solely 1% of actual occurrence.6


Recent reports contained by the literature indicate that from in the order of 1 percent to 6 percent of the broad population and in the region of 8 percent to 12 percent of regularly exposed form nurture workers are sensitized to latex.

An estimated 17 million Americans are in a minute sensitive to latex ( up from not one record shield twenty years ago).


WITH! it prevents pregnancy and stds.
locked sex is other better! collect the rare dawg for your wife or husband. until next protect yourself and you will grain much better bout yourself
sex beside a condom. you enjoy smaller amount verbs something like stds and unplanned pregnancy.
Without, unless you or your partner have a disease. I am within a monogamous relationship and we never use condoms.
Its appreciably get more sensation minus a condom but risky for infections. You wouldn't bring anywhere to hand me in need it mortal covered, unless we'd be contained by a long permanent status relationship and I thought I could trust you.
Depends on if you can trust the personage to be disease free
out of danger sex is other better sex.. I would vote other wear a condom... Just some food for thought don't fright the relatives that know they own a disease, you should agitation the relations that own a disease and don't know..

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