Why am i gaining more weight now after having open heart surgery.?

a couple of years ago i had initiate heart surgery to cover up a hole, i was 17 at the time. but before my surgery, i be skinny, i could eat basically anything and not gain that much freight, but after having the surgery, i noticed i started to gain more immensity. was it because of my heart?

Answer:    If the hole in your heart be large enough to produce cardiac damp squib, this could be explained. Once the heart failure is relieved, growth will pick up. Another reason is that lots individuals restrict their activity after an open heart surgery..
This Patient Guide is written for the loved ones of heart patients who are dealing next to the short-term stress that comes with a test, procedure or recent diagnosis of heart disease. It explains why support is so celebrated to a loved one with heart disease. It also offers practical strategies on how to support a loved one while also taking safekeeping of yourself. I don't know. I also had open heart surgery to cover up a hole, but I be skinny before and after the surgery. Maybe it slowed down your metabolism..
the reason could be because your meablisom have changed since my open heart surgery i have lost immensity

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