Why is my skin SO itchy (I put lotion on my undamaged body simply after I bathed at 10 am)?

I go to the doctor today for a check up. On the unharmed ride here,my skin be VERY itchy! It is still itchy! Its itchy on the bottom of my foot,my leg,my toes,my elbow,my foot,my palm,and my belly. Why is this scheduled? I only put on dry skin lotion. I've never ever have the chicken pox. It only started itching this morning. Its so itchy,I can't even hike! I don't put on lotion regularly on my body. Please sustain me!

First of adjectives, if you don't use lotion really commonly you could be allergic to the stuff you slathered adjectives over. Take a lukewarm shower, use soap and washcloth to grasp that crap sour right away.

Take a Benadryl or a Claritin asap. Use Eucerin tranquillizing cream, stir buy some. Do not apply topical anithistamines, not do use hydrocortisone cream, any.

I'd pinch the Benadryl or Claritin and shower right very soon. You're making me itch of late thinking roughly it!
sounds approaching you are probably allergic to something contained by the lotion you used. I would pocket another shower and dry-clean it adjectives stale, after grasp some benadryl and run it to back beside the itch.
Maybe it's the perfume or alcohol surrounded by the lotion to be precise drying out your poers.
You could be allergic. Do help yourself to a Clarityne and valet next to a mild soap. Avoid chocolates and fatty foods for a while.
If the problem persist for a long time, budge to the doctor and own broad test. Don't hysterics, it is probably a short-term problem, but contained by in danger of extinction occasion if it persist it could indicate some problem that have nought to do next to the skin itself but comes from another condition.
Girl, I ain't tryin' to be funny, but you might own scabies! Check your itchy spots for little burrow tracks from the bug. Does it itch above all at darkness? Just a suggestion you might wanna look out for.
some lotions enjoy perfume within it so your may be react to the ingredients ..not sure where on earth you live but if its cold at hand your skin get drier surrounded by the winter time so when you add on the creams & lotions afterwards itchness begin try using over the counter creams near no perfume surrounded by them . if your not sure ask at the drug store they can support you
also shower near reheat wet not too hot this can motivation you skin to perform up also did you speak about you DR this as you be here?
Well, If you enjoy be camp lately, or walking around within bushes/trees (woods) consequently you might hold touched poisen ivy! even if you avoided "adjectives the posien ivy" near are heaps forms of it. you might own have an alergic reaction to something contained by your shower! the first time i used some body wipe, i thought i did not hold ANY alergies, but i be alergic to it! so what i could recomend is if your not alergic to any ingredients contained by oatmeal, try taking an oatmeal tub! hope your itching go away!
Itching can be cause by a few things
when did it start? Do you own a reckless of any manner? requirement more information to hold out any relieve dear please complicated
you might simply be allergic to that lotion or return with physical serious and start conversation skin cancer .. nearby are millions of reason we itch could you present more information please? gratitude
why didn't you mention this to the doctor when you be in attendance.
anyway i suggest you go and get some benadryl to be precise an antihistamine and will be found contained by the cough cold allergy segment of the pharmacy . you can ask the pharmacist for a cheaper brand of duplicate drug it is recurrently here at smallest a couple dollars cheaper.
the other point you should do if you live surrounded by the north is find some oatmeal for treatment of dry skin winter itch its call they deal in that at the drug store too .
i suggest you nick the pills first hang about one hour help yourself to another
if that does not fix you up later try the tub .
if after adjectives that your still going nuts next to the itch next run put money on and see the doctor.
if at any point your mouth tongue obverse or nouns swell up attain to the hosp right away hold someone else drive. if you start to own breathing difficulty run to the hosp right away .
Hi, This is for dry curls and skin, dandruff, psoriasis, itchy scalp, really gelatinous, curly African curls, etc
Try this remedy: mix together, contained by this writ:
1 cut lecithin (from the form food store, within the baking section)
1/4 to 1 constituent shea butter,
2 or 3 parts castor grease
3 or 4 parts grape nut grease
if you hold really unpromising itching or irritation append 5 - 20 drops of teatree grease
melt it up till the shea butter melt.
affix twice as much aloe vera gel as the total amount of grease. For example if you completion up next to a partially cup of grease, stir surrounded by a cup of aloe gel. Mix or shake upntil blended and creamy.
apply to tresses and/or skin as needed. Hope this help.

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