Will you die from hepatitis c?

Answer:    First of all, "Taglo", Pamela Anderson is ignorant to judge that her hcv isn't doing anything bad to her. Second of all, any one of us next to hcv can be fine one day and gravely ill the next- it is a moment ago the nature of our disease.

If a person have hcv infection, they are usually sick from extrahepatic or bi-directional diseases. Many die from extrahepatic diseases such as kidney or heart failure- before the hcv has have a chance to cause stop stage liver disease. There are also many types of cancer associated with HCV.

So, while not everyone next to HCV will die directly due to HCV infection, some do, other remain stable (but ill) and others die due to liver failure.

The quality of vivacity can be so severely lowered some think it's better off a moment ago dying. (some are successful).

HCV is a very complex disease- what type of lifestyle has seriously to do how well a person will be or touch with hcv infection.
However, I do know those who walked a fine dash with their health and still succumbed to hcv infection, while others drank their natural life away and suffered for a very long time.

So, it just depends on the character, lifestyle and the natural occurences of hcv infection..
I HAD Hepatitis C and I cleared it with conventional prescription.

I know I'll die from something but it will NOT be Hepatitis C..

if ignored YES it could very capably kill you, it is known as the 'silent killer'.

Dieing from liver anticlimax is a horrible painful death.

There are unbelievably few symptoms. I was diagnosed when I was 40...I be NOT looking for HCV but the doc found it. Thankfully I am once again an incredibly healthy woman.
HCV Advocate
2yr SVR=sustained viral responder.
Pam Anderson is still kickin and she's got it. Sometimes you die, sometimes you don't. But.. you could die at anytime once you do gain if you have a secondary prob beside ur liver. You definetly can. Hepatitis C attacks your liver, causing it to become inflamed. This can cause liver washout or liver cancer, either way, cause death..
Not if u get treatment.....My grandmother contracted it through a blood transfusion from the 1970's she be diagnosed in 2003, she underwent chemo and immediately she is free and clear of it... No. I'll get shot by a jealous husband at the age of 102.

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