Wimpy white boy symdrome?

Since white male children die more if born premature they are labeled "wimps". Insulted because the died. Why is it ok to phone a dying newborn a wimp because he is unable to sustain his own vivacity. It's like motto he had no right to live. I swear i hear any medical professional insult any child of any ethnic background within this manner, they would have need of serious medical attention after i was done beside them, am I overreacting or is this sick?

The condition I learned in the region of in arts school called wimpy white boy syndrome is surrounded by reference to twin, white boys individual born. All most always, the first is the largest and strongest (most developed) child. The second is smaller, weaker, and smaller quantity developed. This child will need more medical attention.

As far as I know, the occupancy is used for medical personal in direct to identify the sicker of the two. I guess they could just read out, This is the less developed, Caucasian young-looking man.

Yes I think you are overreacting.

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