Yeast infection? 10 points?

if i take a urine test, would a yeast infusion show up i have one?
Answers:    Actually, it can show up contained by your urine test, if you have a really bad yeast infection. It can show up below a few conditions. If you are giving a urine sample and some of the discharge from the yeast infection contaminates the urine sample. OR If you leave a yeast infection untreated long satisfactory it can infiltrate your bladder and lead to a UTI.

While yeast infections are not typically serious, they can lead to more serious problems. Source(s):

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There are Vagisil yeast infection tests you can thieve. You can buy them over the counter. If the test shows a yeast infection, you can buy over the counter treatment. If the test shows something more serious, go to Planned Parenthood or your kinfolk doctor. Good luck! :)

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yes and no, if the discharge is excessive and some gets into your urine stream. but this is pretty rare. most times a yeast infection is diagnosed by the symptoms, curd-like discharge, itching, burning, etc. to be sure, go check near your gyno

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it is a complety diffrent test and different sytpoms
if you are itching or redness in the vagina nouns along with a foul smell and thick white discharge these are sx of yeast infection burning when you urinate could be a urinary tract infection Source(s): i am a nurse

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You can get the yeast trial call vagisil and that will tell if there yeast

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No. A yeast infection have nothing to do with urine and therefore would not show up.

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